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In a world where care is what is needed most. It's all in the family.

Why do we often neglect our eyes? That's the question Kyly Zak Rabin and expert optometrist Dr. Myles Zakheim pondered before embarking on their mission to revolutionize eye care.

Meet the Zakheims.

Zak Eyes Zak Eyes
Zak Eyes Zak Eyes

Meet Zak, a visionary eye health concept that merges bespoke optometry with curated eyewear, conveniently located in WEHO LA, and NOHO NYC

Our journey to Zak began over family dinner, where we recognized the need for a space that seamlessly integrates medical expertise, retail convenience, and the demands of the modern consumer. The result? A holistic approach to eye care that bridges the gap between affordability and luxury, convenience and quality. 

That's why we've curated a selection of luxury eyewear like Jacques Marie Mage and Native Sons, alongside our very own affordable in-house line—the "white T-shirt of eyewear." With frames in six simply named shapes and three versatile color options, finding your perfect pair has never been easier.

We offer comprehensive eye care

Zak is a true one stop shop for your eyes. Experiencing dry eye? We can assist. Need a new pair of affordable glasses? We got you.

Want to discuss laser eye surgery? We can help. Need a year supply of contact lenses? Yup, we do that too. Custom lens tints? Yes, you can mix and match colors! Want to use your vision insurance? We'll walk you through it. Interested in discovering new bespoke eyewear brands? Us too. 

Your eyes are unique to you and there isn't one solution for every pair. Depending on your needs, our opticians and doctors provide all of the above and much more.

This is what total eye care looks like.


Join us as we revolutionize the way you consider your eyes—because your vision deserves nothing less.


We have two locations for your vision pleasure. One in WEHO Los Angeles, and one in NOHO New York City.