Online Order Info

What do I need to order non-prescription glasses?
If ordering glasses without prescription, nothing special! Just select your eyeglasses or sunglasses, lens treatment or tints and check out.

What do I need to order prescription glasses?
If you’re a Zak. patient or have ordered with us in the past, we have your prescription on file. You do not need to upload or email it to us. Just check out!
If you’re not an existing Zak. patient or your previous Zak. order prescription is no longer valid, upload or email your valid glasses prescription, which should include your Pupillary Distance (PD). PD is the distance in millimeters between your pupils. This allows us to center your prescription, which is essential for the most accurate sight and comfort.

What do I need to order contact lenses?
A valid contact lens prescription. Remember, your contact lens prescription is different from your glasses prescription. Upload your contact lens prescription before check-out and consider the option to select auto-renew, so you never have to panic about running out of lenses! If your prescription is expired, come by our Fairfax shop for an exam or visit your local optometrist.
You can hand write your PD on your prescription before you upload it here or you can always email it to

Can I change or cancel my order?
We process orders quickly. If you need to make an adjustment please call (323) 866-2020 and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Can I order multiple pairs of glasses with different prescriptions?
Yes! Upload the corresponding prescription with each frame before you checkout.

Fairfax Brick and Mortar

What services do you provide in your Fairfax shop?
We’re the one-stop shop for your eye care needs. We prescribe for vision correction, treat dry eye, eye fatigue, and infection, diagnose and co-manage patients with eye disease like glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts and guide patients through the Lasik surgery process. Most importantly, we’re very into eye health and education. Knowledge is the path to self care.

We provide eyewear for everyone, offering a spectrum of frames spanning an aesthetic and financial range. Our state of the art onsite lab accommodates same-day service for in-store orders of basic prescriptions and personalizes your frames with custom tints.

Oh and did we mention contact lenses and accessories? We offer those too! It’s pretty great to be able to see clearly, especially when looking at one of our handcrafted eye straps or cases.

Do you carry additional frame brands in store?
SO glad you asked! Yes. We carry many optical frames from the brands you see online and both sun and optical frames from a few additional brands. We carry a curated and international collection of our favorite classics and the best brands you’ve never heard of.
Article One
Celine (in-store only)
Jacque Marie Mage (in-store only)
Lindberg (in-store only)
Moscot (in-store only)
Native Sons
Ottomila/8000 Eyewear
Res/Rei (in-store only)
Saint Rita Parlor
Yuichi Toyama

Prescription Info

What’s the deal with pupillary distance?
The PD is the interpupillary measurement, which is the distance between the pupils of your two eyes. The reason we need this measurement is to ensure the accuracy of how the lenses are placed in your frame, which allows you to see properly!

How can I get a prescription?
Stop by your local optometrist or our Fairfax shop to get an eye exam. You can book an appointment here.

Is my prescription too strong or too complicated for you to fulfill?
We can fill ALL prescriptions.
Some prescriptions require more sophisticated materials, which will ensure better vision and comfort. In-store orders are seamlessly accomodated. Our website offers a selection of lenses. If your Rx requires something more specific, we will contact you before processing your order.

Lens Info

What kind of lenses can I get with online orders?
Online orders of Zak. frames come with lightweight Polycarbonate lenses or CR-39 lenses (depending on your order). If your Rx is beyond -4.00 and +4.00, contact us at or (323)866-2020 prior to ordering. If you fall into this category and you place an order, don’t worry, we’ll contact you!

What kind of lenses can I get with in-store purchases?
Unlimited options! Polycarbonate, CR-39, Trivex and the list goes on. Same goes for lens add-ons like polarization. Our onsite lab can accommodate all lens needs and requests.

What’s a single vision prescription? What’s a progressive prescription?
A single vision prescription is a lens that has a single focus for either distance or reading vision.

A progressive prescription is a multifocal lens that has more than one point of focus, allowing someone to see clearly at distance, mid range and reading, all in one pair of glasses.

How do I know if I need High-Index lenses?
High index lenses are recommended for high magnitude prescriptions to ensure that the lenses are lighter and thinner. Leave this to us +/or your doc.

What if I need bi-focals?
You can’t currently order them online as we need your specific lid measurement. Contact us at / (323)866-2020 or pop into our Fairfax store for more info.

Can you make lenses with a prism correction?
Yes! Contact us at or pop into our Fairfax store for more info.

What about light responsive lenses?
A transitional lens is a light responsive lens that changes color from clear (indoors) to a dark lens (outdoors). It's an eyeglass and sunglass all in one.

What is Blue AR coating?
Also known as blue filter lenses, blue AR coating is a lens treatment that blocks blue wavelength light. Invisible blue light emits from your tech device screens causing eye strain and irregular sleep patterns. This coating protects you from that! They are not actually blue..

I stare at a computer all day but my eyes don’t hurt, should I wear Blue Filter lenses to prevent issues in the future?
Yes! We are firm believers in preventative care. Blue filter lenses (also known as Blue AR Coating) combat against the omni-present eye strain, eye fatigue and dry eye caused by light emitting from our tech devices (including the device you’re looking…)

Do you offer lens tints?
Yes! We have a selection of solid, gradient and mirror tints available online. In-store orders can accommodate any and all custom tints and colors.

What’s the difference between lens tints and Zak. Sunglasses?
Zak. sunglasses are fabricated with our classic gray, brown and green lenses. If you want to mix it up or personalize your lenses, they can be customized with variety of “cosmetic” tints. And by variety, we mean literally any color you can image, we can create.

Fit Info

How do I know if my glasses fit?
Your glasses should feel so comfy, you barely know you’re wearing them.

What should I do if my glasses are crooked or uncomfortable?
In LA? Stop by our Fairfax for a complimentary adjustment. We’ll fit your frames to the unique characteristics of your face.

Not in LA? Any optical shop should adjust your frames free of charge.

My contact lenses are uncomfortable, what should I do?
Before inserting your lenses, a moisture drop should be put into each eye to increase the moisture level and comfort. If an irriation occurs while wearing your lenses, add a few more moisture drops. If this doesn’t alleviate your symptoms, remove, rinse and re-insert the lens.  Still not good? Try a new lens. Didn’t help? Take the day off from your lenses and try again tomorrow as you might have a slight irritation that requires a lens time-out. Day 2, still irritated? Make an Appointment at Zak. or visit your local doctor.

Clean / Care Info

How do I keep my lenses clean and in good condition?
Embrace the Case. Resist the urge to store your frames on your head, shirt collar, bedside table or in your car’s cup holder… Use your cleaning cloth and spray once a day. Why spoil your view of the world with smudged lenses.

How do I clean my contact lenses?
Many soft lenses are disposable and do not require extensive care.  If you are wearing a “one day” simply discard the lens at the end of your wearing cycle and re-insert a fresh lens the next day.  If a longer wearing disposable is used then rubbing and rinsing the lens with your combo saline/disinfecting solution is recommended prior to storing the lenses overnight.  For longer wearing conventional lenses, a nightly surfactant cleaner should be your go-to. Do not overwear your contact lenses! Follow your doctor’s recommended wearing schedule.

Shipping / Returns / Exchanges

What is the cost of shipping?
Shipping within the US:
Free standard shipping on all contact lens orders.
$6 shipping on all Zak frame orders.
$15 shipping on all curated frame orders.

We are not offering overnight or expedited shipping for online orders at this time.

In LA? We can same-day messenger your order. Please contact or (323)866-2020 for more information.

Do you ship outside of the United States?
Sorry, not at this time. But we’d love to visit.

When can I expect my glasses order?
Lens orders are processed immediately. Lab processing depends on your Rx and lens material, but typically we’ll have your order made and ready to ship in just a few days. Generally, Single Vision orders will ship within 2-3 days and Progressive orders will ship within 3-5 days. We offer free standard shipping via USPS (5-7 business days).

When can I expect my contact lens order?
Lenses will generally ship within 1-2 business days. We offer free standard shipping via USPS (5-7 business days).

What is your return policy?
Free returns/exchanges within 30 days of receipt for undamaged Zak. frames.

Free returns/exchanges within 7 days of receipt for undamaged curated sunglasses (aside from Jacques Marie Mage) and accessories.

Exchange/store credit within 7 days of receipt for Jacques Marie Mage glasses and a $35 restocking fee.

Disposable Contact Lenses can be exchanged within 90 days but must be in the original box without any defects or markings.

How do I arrange for a return or exchange?

What if my prescription seems off?
Sometimes it takes a few days to adjust to a new prescription in both glasses and contacts. If it still feels off, call (323-866-2020) or email and we’ll get to the bottom of it.


Does Zak. accept Insurance?
Short answer: Yes for in-store eye examinations and medical visits with our independent optometrists and purchase of non-Zak frames. Long answer: Based on your policy plan we will accept assignment from your particular insurance company. For online orders, you can submit your statement to your insurance company to receive reimbursement.
The price of Zak. frames and lenses have been strategically calculated to be so cost effective that utilizing your insurance may not be necessary.
Questions? We can help you. Please contact

Do I need an itemized receipt? Always helpful. We recommend it and will provide you with one.

What products can I purchase with my insurance? Can I use from FSA Flex spending card?
Anything that is considered a medical expense can be covered with FSA. Eye exams, Rx Glasses and even Plano Sunglasses if one is light sensitive can fall into this category.

Do my insurance benefits cover my eye exam?
Possibly! Each policy is different. We can assist you in determining coverage.


Do you offer gift cards?
Not at this time.

Eye Exams

I’ve seen advertisements for online eye exams, do I really have to go to an optometrist office for an eye exam?
Online exams are not eye exams. They are superficial vision screenings that do not properly evaluate comprehensive eye health issues or consider one's general health, medications and lifestyle.

What’s the difference between an online prescription test and an eye exam?
An online prescription test is not an eye exam. In most cases, it only screens for a basic vision Rx.  In addition to vision correction, an eye exam allows for a health check to rule out eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration, all of which are painless and present no subjective symptoms.  A comprehensive eye examination can detect systemic problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and auto immune diseases. An annual eye exam is a must.

I have perfect vision, do I need an eye exam?
Yes. Many people see clearly but not comfortably. You can have “perfect vision” but still experience headaches, eye strain and computer fatigue.

What can I do to maintain healthy eyes?
Wear UV protected sunglasses. Take eye breaks while doing computer work.  Make sure your vision prescription is current (annual exam)  Eat green leafy vegetables and swing by our Fairfax shop for some housemade carrot juice.